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  • Movie Popcorn Madness!

    Movie Popcorn Madness!

    I LOVE going to the movies…escaping into a world of fantasy, excitement, sharing the characters’ emotions, sharing the experience with others and chomping on popcorn and soda in a dark place where no one else is looking. It’s all part of the enjoyment of it but my waistline was not happy about it. After reading a study about how we’ll eat anything in front of us as long as we’re distracted (by the movie, by the smell of butter, by the sound of popcorn popping, etc.), I decided to experiment with my own experience and share a small popcorn, instead of eating a whole popcorn on my own and then switched out my beloved Coke with a seltzer ($5 and I’m ....

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  • Food Bully Brawl

    Food Bully Brawl

    You’re going through your day, feeling pretty good about your food choices and your co-workers decide to celebrate someone’s birthday and everyone has a piece of cake. You’ve been working super hard getting your workouts in, packing your lunch, looking online at menus when you’re not hungry so you can make a healthy choice when you go to a restaurant, you even thought to bring your sneakers with you to a conference so you can squeeze in a workout and that piece of cake was not part of your plan. After eating the cake, you might feel sleepy and then grab something comforting (insert favorite comfort food here: pizza? Cupcake? Candy bar? Alcohol?) on the way home ....

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  • I Hate Exercise!

    I Hate Exercise!

    This is the main obstacle to exercise I hear more than any other, even more than the others like not having enough time. It seems that if exercise is not perceived as fun, the likelihood of people beginning and sticking with it is minimal. Possibly the reason is because exercise is always associated with something uncomfortable or even painful! Many times when we start to exercise the first thing we are thinking about is “Ugh…when is this going to be over?” Remember when we were younger and we exercised all the time? We couldn’t wait to start and kept going until someone dragged us back into the house as the sun was going down. There was no thought of ....

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