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We created The Process Fitness over 20 years ago with a specific concept in mind. Simply put, we realize that there is no magic pill and no "quick fix" for getting healthy. That being said, with willingness, the right plan, and motivation to succeed anyone can change their life and experience a new well-being for years to come. Each one of our clients is carefully evaluated as we help them determine their goals while developing a plan that will guarantee them a new lease on life! We understand that making a commitment to improving one’s health is not always easy. We give each client the tools and support necessary to guide them through this process.

You can walk into any gym or fitness studio and find a personal trainer who will assign you a workout routine, stand by as you push yourself to the limit, and congratulate you when you get done. What you can't find anywhere is the level of dedication, personalization, and community that The Process Fitness brings to the table.  We're here to help you get healthy, fit, and confident again.

By creating an individual relationship with each and every member of our community, we are able to curate a workout plan that contours specifically to your needs. We'll provide you with next level accountability to help you commit to a functional exercise routine that will genuinely get you results. From weight loss to lean muscle gain to improving your overall daily health, our team of educated, certified personal trainers can help you get the results you've been missing.

Whether you're from Upper East Side or elsewhere in Manhattan, Westchester County or virtually anywhere else, our team is here to help you get the results you've been missing.


Our Expert Team

Our expert instructors will offer personalized guidance and dedicated training throughout your journey, so you always know you're getting the best experience possible.


Our Core Values

We value strength, courage, and resilience. When you join our fitness family, you'll gain more than a better physique -- you'll gain confidence, discipline, and the ability to live your life without fear!


Our Mission

We want to give back to our community by providing a safe and supportive space where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle!


Our Promise

We want to give you more than just results for your fitness. We want to help you connect with our community, pursue a better lifestyle, and enjoy each and every training session.

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Online Fitness Training near Upper East Side

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Meet our Trainers

More than trained, the process people are coaches and guides to good health. Especially these days. ....Read more

Arthur S.

An extremely dedicated and very professional team. ....Read more

Marlene S.

John has provided me with both one on one and small group training sessions. Although I had done distance running on my own I have only felt truly fit with Johns balanced and challenging focus on strength and stamina. I have been working with The Process for years and John keeps the experience ....Read more


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