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Movie Popcorn Madness!

Movie Popcorn Madness!

I LOVE going to the movies…escaping into a world of fantasy, excitement, sharing the characters’ emotions, sharing the experience with others and chomping on popcorn and soda in a dark place where no one else is looking. It’s all part of the enjoyment of it but my waistline was not happy about it. After reading a study about how we’ll eat anything in front of us as long as we’re distracted (by the movie, by the smell of butter, by the sound of popcorn popping, etc.), I decided to experiment with my own experience and share a small popcorn, instead of eating a whole popcorn on my own and then switched out my beloved Coke with a seltzer ($5 and I’m not even getting real soda???). I discovered that I ate the popcorn more slowly because I knew it was limited and that made me more satisfied. I also discovered that I didn’t miss the sweet soda at all because I was so distracted from the movie that what I was really craving was the bubbly nature of the soda…and I usually hate seltzer.
Win-win situation! I can still continue my habit of munching in the movies without destroying my waistline. I didn’t have to give up enjoyment in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Funny thing is, taking the sugar out of the equation makes me crave less and I presently do not automatically go for the popcorn like I used to. Eating more slowly makes me notice when the popcorn is not so fresh and every now and then I ditch the stale popcorn and enjoy the movie anyway! Honestly? Not NEEDING the snacks allows me to be present and enjoy the movie even more. It brings back fond memories of my father taking us to the movies and laughing together. The interaction before and after was what the experience was all about. Family over food reigned supreme.

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