This is John’s new fitness show that will feature exercise tips and demonstrations each episode. Many of the exercises will be simple ones you can do in the privacy of your own home with easy to use equipment or just your body on it’s own. You will learn how to strengthen and tone your body in these quick and fun 2-3 minute shows.


GYM GUY – Episode 1 “Get great arms!”

On this show John teaches you how to tone your arms using some very simple tubing equipment. The brand he is using is SPRI products but there are others like Power Systems and Perform Better that are also available for purchase online.

GYM GUY – Episode 2 “Powerful Legs!”

John kicks some butt in this episode as he shows you how to strengthen your glutes and thighs and get a great cardio workout at the same time. This entire workout can be done in a very small space achieving awesome results!

GYM GUY – Episode 3 “Pullup Time!””

Well you thought you could not do a pullup or chin up but John shows you otherwise. In this episode he uses a something called “The Equalizer” to prove that anyone at any fitness level can incorporate pullups into their fitness program.

GYM GUY – Episode 4 “Adjustable Dumbells”

Don’t have room for an entire rack of dumbells in your apartment or basement? Here John introduces you to a very unique piece of equipment called the “Power Block”. It completely replaces a full set of dumbells and allows you to do any exercise you would normally do with a standard set. You will be amazed at how creative this piece of equipment is.


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