Success Stories


Meet Arthur

   Arthur delivers his terrific spirit to The Process during every visit. From the moment we met him it was clear we were going to be just what he needed. Recently retired with more free time he was willing to turn over a new leaf and dedicate himself to a heathy lifestyle. Our 30 min sessions fit his schedule perfectly because Arthur is still actively creative. Whether it is writing his new book, updating his blog, recording a podcast or working on his photography hobby he finds time to meet with us twice a week for his workout. He continues to improve his eating habits with our coaching and has become an inspiration to everyone in our community as he has lost over 35 pounds! If you want to be inspired, motivated and moved then play Arthur’s video and hear him tell his story.


Meet Jeri

Jeri was one of the first people to walk through our doors when we began offering group classes. As a matter of fact, initially Jeri was the class until word quickly spread of their effectiveness.  Our fitness classes expanded in size in no time. Each morning Jeri brings her inner athlete to class as she creates a stronger, fitter body! She applies the results of these workouts to her active lifestyle. Her way of relaxing is going on an adventure vacation of either hiking or biking in some exotic location.  She continues to inspire everyone in The Process community. See what a wonderful “people person” Jeri is as you watch and enjoy as she tells her story.


Meet Trish

Trish has accomplished so much during her journey at The Process. In addition to increasing her strength and stamina she has also lost 30 pounds by simply following the healthy program we created for her. She completes at least three 30 minute workouts per week under the instruction of both John and Stephanie. Trish seems to thrive on being pushed to her limits and embraces each and every challenge that is put in front of her. As a mother of two boys, she has set a tremendous example for them as well as her husband for living a healthy lifestyle. We know Trish has found her fitness home at The Process but don’t take our word for it watch and listen to her tell her story.


Meet Ivan

Ivan is true inspiration to anyone who wants to set and achieve a goal. He has proven this 18 times at the conclusion of each of his marathons. Wanting to take his athleticism and fitness to the next level he decided to add some strength training to his overall program. Ivan started committing to regular personal training sessions and later increased his challenge by participating in weekly bootcamps at our studio. During his time at with us, Ivan has lost over 20 pounds and decreased his body fat by 5 percent. This has resulted in some of his most efficient runs for his  marathons along with setting a great example for both of his teenage sons who share his fitness passion. Always the class clown, Ivan brings his dynamic personality to every bootcamp keeping the rest of the group loose with his charm and witty humor. He is truly a valued member of our fitness family!

To be truly inspired and have some fun watch Ivan tell his story.


Meet Andrea

Like so many people, Andrea is not and has never been a person who was comfortable in a big gym setting. The Process was the perfect fit for her. Wanting to get back into shape and feel good inside and out she began taking one of our bootcamps. Her commitment in this group was so solid that in no time she found herself joining our more intense bootcamps and impressed us all with her increased strength and stamina. She has expanded her fitness journey by beginning to participate in our new Yoga program. Her infectious smile brightens everyone’s day each time she comes to class and I know she values each experience at The Process but don’t take our word for it.

Take a moment and listen to Andrea tell her story.


Meet Ron and Deb

Deb has reclaimed her inner athlete at The Process while losing and keeping off 10 pounds.  Her creative side concocts healthy dishes for her family of four and as her confidence grew so did her desire to find various ways to not only eat but exercise.  Through The Process she has learned to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into her busy schedule and is more prepared than ever to raise her two beautiful children.

Ron realized the need to “step up his health game” (after some gentle nudging from his wife)  but he wasn’t exactly sure how that was going to happen with his exceptionally busy schedule providing for his family and being with his family.  At The Process, Ron learned the value of self-care and continues to do the best he can with each workout.  He also is discovering ways to reduce his stress so he can keep being Awesome Dad/Husband!

The Process is proud to have such a loving couple and as Ron and Deb continue to grow in their fitness path, the world benefits from their contributions.

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