Personal Training



We put the word PERSONAL back into personal training! Every client that enters our studio doors is guaranteed to experience exercise sessions that are completely focused on making sure they get results! We take a tremendous amount of pride in delivering a program that is structured to the exact health and fitness goals an individual is on their way to achieve. Each and every session is further enhanced by training in our private studio.Clients work with his or her trainer in their very own personal training station that is fully equipped with state of the art equipment. r a life!

So exactly how do we create a program that is completely tailored to each clients goals?   This is achieved through a series of fitness tests and our very own custom wellness/ lifestyle evaluation software. Once we know each clients current physical condition, health habits along with their fitness goals we are then able to create a very personal program to ensure they get results!  


Experienced Certified Instructors

Sessions in our Private Studio

Time efficient workouts

Customized programs

“ The Process has completely changed my life.
Ten minutes into my first workout I knew I had found my new home!


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