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John Abbinanti

Certified by ACE (American Council of Exercise)

We created The Process 15 years ago with a specific concept in mind. Simply put we realize that there is no magic pill and no quick fix forgetting healthy. That being said with willingess, the right plan and motivation to succeed anyone can change their life and experience anew well-being for years to come. Each client is carefully evaluated as we help them determine their goals while developing a plan thatwill guarantee them a new lease on life! We understand that making a commitment to improving one’s health is not always easy. Wegive each client the tools and support necessary to guide them through this process.


Stephanie Abbinanti

Certified by ACE (American Council of Exercise)

I have a background in dance, played college soccer and completed 7 cycling centuries (100 miles on a bike) despite having asthma. I come from a family challenged in their eating habits and have worked hard to overcome that. I have studied cognitive behavioral therapy in weight loss and am a licensed social worker. My education and experience got me through a traumatic knee injury and I was told by doctors that my conditioning prior to this injury allowed me to heal faster. Knowing proper form and alignment helps keep me active so I can have fun and still protect my body. I believe we all express ourselves in different ways and enjoy exercise in varied ways. I can help you find out where your “mojo” is! I’m a hands on kinda gal. I actually listen to you and generally advise to listen to your body first and me second. I’ve always believed in working hard with what I have in the moment – physically and emotionally. We do the best with what we’ve got and I ask no more and no less of my clients!

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