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GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING is not a class. Instead it is a small group of people (5-10) working out together torwards the common goal of getting healthy and fit. Since the group is small our instructors get to know each member of the group and can offer individual attention when needed.
We Guarantee Results!
Join our group personal training sessions for an experience like no other! We offer our 30 minute sessions in
a variety of styles. Please see the list below that fully describes each type of session to see what best fits your fitness goals.
Group Personal Training Session Schedule
(30 min each)

Mon/Fri - Basic Training - 6:00am
Mon/Fri - Men’s Strength Training - 6:30am
Tue/Thur - Xtreme 30 Bootcamp - 6:30am
Mon/Wed- Basic Training - 7:30am
Tue/Thur - Woman’s Fitness - 7:00am
Tue/Thur - Fit & Fab (Older Adults) - 9:00am
Wed/Fri - Mommy Bootcamp - 9:30am
Mon/Wed - Fit & Fab (Older Adults) - 10:00am
Sat - Extreme 30 Bootcamp - 9:30am
Sat - Fit & Fab (Older Adults) - 10:00am
Here’s a description of our group sessions.
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Basic Training - A strength training workout for both men and women that hits every muscle in your body. Exercises are performed with free weights and resistance tubing along with body weight exercises.  

Xtreme 30 Bootcamp - An intense workout in a circuit style that will challenge each individual and result in an increase of both strength and stamina. Everyone will be pushed to their personal fitness max!

Men’s Strength Training - A perfect workout for those guys looking to get fitter and stronger. Each session will be a balanced workout hitting every muscle using free weights along with resistance tubing and body weight exercises.
Women’s Fitness - This group session makes sure to focus on building a strong core and leaning out hips and thighs while building strong arms. In addition you will build stamina and increase flexibility.  
Fit & Fab (Older Adults) - Are you an older adult who wants to work out with people your own age? This workout is tailored to those 60 and over paying close attention to strength training along with flexibility and balance to improve the individuals quality of life.

Mommy Bootcamp -
A great workout for a busy Mom on the go! Get together and work up a sweat while toning up and trimming down. It's time for Mommies to pump it up!
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